Cataloguing and Classification Issues #1

The library I work in is very very small. To the point where we just have books in (ordered) piles around the room. It makes little-to-no-sense to anyone, barring myself and my boss. And in reality because I’m the one that does all the shelving I know which books are in which pile. However, while away on holiday my boss had to do all those jobs himself (shelving, classifying, cataloguing) and he discovered that I’d done something utterly awful:



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2:2s Need to Go

This week I was exposed to this and the rage I felt has prompted me to write this piece on the sheer laziness of the university grading system.  As a matter of interest, I was the recipient of a 2:2 and even though I have come a long way from the 21 year old I was, the stigma of that grade hangs over me in social situations – accompanied by slightly incredulous glances and not a little bit of contempt. There is something very very wrong in a society that allows one grouped number to determine the outcome of your life (we aren’t so far away from the dystopian society I fear). Continue reading

Jewellery Obsession

Jewellery Fiend


No words are needed here I think. I potentially have the mentality of a hoarder. But I maintain that one day when I’m dust these pieces will be sat in a vintage shop somewhere ready to delight someone else. Wearing these admittedly odd pieces is the one piece of individuality that I get to carry into work with me. Whether it’s a wolf or polarbear round my neck. (Today it’s a peacock) Small things right?

Turn #FOMO into #JOMO

It’s Sunday and you may be sat at home chilling out. And then *bam* you check Facebook/Twitter (whatever your social media poison of choice is) and you’re feed is filled with people doing Interesting Things. Like eating cow off a table made of poo, or people skydiving in the Arctic. Ok I’m exaggerating but you know what I mean. I’m guilty of feeling like this, having the FEAR OF MISSING OUT aka FOMO because like most 20-somethings I feel this incredible desire to be out Doing Things. All.The.Time. And sometimes, guess what, I don’t have the money to do a weekend in Barcelona. As much as I want to catch the train to that deserted beach in North Wales, I have other things that require my time.

But I found this and I think it’s exactly what we all need. Instead of feeling inadequate, take joy in the fact that you spent Saturday night curled up with a good book and listening to your parents bicker in the way that only long-married couples can (like me). Or curled up with a SO doing essentially the same thing. Because guess what, the #FOMO can be turned into #JOMO the Joy of Missing Out. Next time you see someone instagramming their buddy trip down to Cornwall take a deep breath and go back to your book. Because between you and me, I reckon if you wanted to be there. You could probably make it happen. :)

The Summer Reading Flowchart

This week I’ve been lucky enough to host an amazing flowchart to help with your summer reading. I’ve read about half of the books on this chart and they are *that good* :D I’m not sure how or when it happened but part of summer for me is sitting in the sun with a really good book and having a cool drink nearby (I’d recommend Elderflower cordial). So follow through the arrow – you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find. Continue reading

The Problem with Being ‘Single’

A week or so ago I read this article and I was very very pissed off. Probably quite irrationally and most definitely more than the situation warranted. And I know this is one that is commented on a lot but it really touched a nerve with me.

Because here’s the thing, is being ‘single’ so awful that we need to be reminded that ‘it can be awesome’?! I don’t know if I’m being odd or if I just don’t understand. But why is being ‘single’ an issue? Continue reading

Going Corporate

It’s been a year since I started working at Microsoft and it’s been really really hard for me to swallow the pill that actually working in the private sector has been more fulfilling  than any internship I ever did for a public sector organisation. I know. What have I become?

I look NOTHING like this. And also if I wore a skirt this short, it would be considered sexual harassment.

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